Those of you that were like me and didn’t know we had a class gift in 1968, were surprised when I found out a few years ago that it was gone. Our old gift that was destroyed when they did the remodeling at SME. The old gift was by the flag pole next to the circle drive along Mission Road which was the main entrance.


1. Design Plan

The reunion committee has been talking about a new gift for the school replacing our old gift that was destroyed. I looked at statues, monuments and several options to put outside of the school. The granite slab artwork was created to go on a granite base to put outside the school or mount it on a wall inside of the school. Tom Barnett and I met with the SME principal and with Beth Fowler and showed them the granite sample we had made. We presented pictures of our destroyed class gift, above, and we discussed a monument plan outside, and just placing the granite plaque on a wall inside of the school. After some discussion it seemed better to go inside, less maintenance and less hassle dealing with the school district, plus it should cost less to make it happen.

2. Location of Gift

After talking about location and the idea of our gift being kind of a “corner stone” for the school with starting date and logo of the Lancer, the principal agreed to give us a spot in the lobby area outside the entrance to the new gym and the old gym and theater, where the circle drive to the gym used to be. This is now the also the place where the SME Hall of Fame is, Art Newcomer is the first inductee. We agreed on a size of 3’x5’for the plaque with a location on the wall just above the stairs down to the larger gym, entrance to the gym is just to the right of the brick wall in the picture. This, I believe is where folks met for the tour. Rough idea of what it would look like below. There should be a tremendous amount of traffic there for years to come.

3.Time Schedule

Currently getting bids for Granite and Art work, look to have a dedication before start of school

next year, probably won’t take that long, depends on how fast we raise the money.

3. Cost

I think the cost will be considerably less than if we were going to put something outside; I have started making calls about the gift. What I am thinking is that if we could get 50 people to donate $100.00, some are giving more; I think I have a few already, we should have more than enough to create and install the gift and then donate whatever is left over to the SME Love fund, helping students with daily and emergency needs. We did ask about a donation box and the Principal said he could not do that.


We should have a budget soon, we will need to get a frame made and need to hire someone to install it on the wall, the school, did not want to do that.


Let me know what you think, I will keep moving forward and let you know the progress.


Please help if you can by donating to our class for the gift and charity


Mail your check today (payable to SME Class of '68) to:Jere Hanney 7728 Tomahawk Prairie Village KS 66208